you're really into that now, aren't you

Yes, I am pretty into Last fm. It's making me happy to listen to lots of music and radio of music I like on demand. Without the pesky radio voices & Ads. Sorry radio people. I love you, I do.

This is my new favourite thing, which Adam just sent me. It's by blu, who is responsible for one of my favourite Berlin murals. I always call it the wormy head, even though it's not wormy. It's a seething mass of little pink people. Kind of wormy people though. Adam also sent me this from the flight of the conchords new series.
Complete with a graph tracking video virus prowess. I do appreciate what Bret & Jermaine have to offer the ladies of the world.


rhymes with pony said...

brilliant but kind of disturbing.

Like a polish movie poster

Wow what an amazing seque to my latest blog post.

i know how you feel about radio jibber jabber.

Minta said...

i wake up to the crew at radio national and i drive (and sing along) to the GOLD FM. i adore them both. What will they have in Cairns - 2 deadly!