It's all over now...

We had a really good weekend, after a few sleepless nights, I still managed to survive friday, setting up on the boat, and the exhibition. Even an unannounced visit to our slum of a studio by local television. It made my day when Oscar took us up through the canals under city hall and docked in the canal.
adam & oskar
All my handstitched flags were hoisted up the mast to become a tangled blur of colour in the wind, it was very festive. I could've just tied up rags and got the same effect. Anyway, people looked. Some asked questions, some took photos, some didn't even blink an eye. People came to the opening, good considering we didn't know anybody to invite. It was in the alley next to the canal, and we sat and looked and drank.

When we pulled up anchor we also pulled up a bike which had spent quite abit of time in the canal growing fatter and gnarlier with rust and slime. mmm delicious. We watched as the puppet performance* on the other side of the canal fell apart as the main prop blew off the bank into the canal. We were a captive audience, waiting for them to notice, then pointing into the canal, then watching as one stripped down to undies and dived in to save it. It was a big golden bird. Street theatre. They had fire sticks and shouted a lot.

*It was the International Puppet Festival this weekend, with puppeteers from all over larking about and dressed as giant butterflys and dolphins and clowns. MMMM... Street theatre... There are beautiful puppets in the windows of shops all over town though...

The night ended drinking jenever (local whiskey) and riding home really tired. I had to set it up each morning, it was nice to be on the boat. Its nice to have a few days off.
setting up

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