life and death

Heavy. Let's start with death shall we. From a trilogy LIFE, DEATH, THEREAFTER at Silvershot gallery curated by Mr Mark Feary.
Life passed me by with my only memories being of LOVE in giant woolly letters (Kate Just) and Patricia Piccinini's oozing breathing guts... Anyway, I did a refresher via google and artshub, reading this.

Death, in general I loved, particularly 'step into the light' by Rob Mcliesh, which still fills me with morbid glee, it did look somehow grander than in the back room of tcb, where it resonated and stuck with me on a miserable rainy night last year.

step into the light
step into the light (detail)

Ronnie Van Hout, who's 'Pronounced D.E.A.D.' head was immaculately detailed and gorey and very much from New Zealand, striking, macabre, and with bird.

pronounced D.E.A.D.

Go see it, at SILVERSHOT 3rd Floor, 167 Flinders Lane. It's good. SO, I'm looking forward to thereafter...


animaldelmar said...

ooh. i like death, too. especially his frog hands...

rhymes with pony said...

nice background.
i still have that rob mcliesh flyer up on my wall.