two shows

I'm abit slow posting these, no time lately... Julia de Ville has some ghoulish things at craft victoria right now, little silver bones, felted and glimmering creature's skulls, I loved the little urns with silver banners. I just dropped off some shiny brooches to the shop so have a peak if you are in the neighbourhood...

Exhibitions at the Carlton Studios are difficult to see at openings, I possibly saw about 60% of it. From that, the iced room was sweet, with hundreds and thousands static stuck to the tv and sugary decor creeping up the walls, over the bleak furnishings and into the corners. The filth of the room soaking up the sugar-coating gave it all a particular sickly sweet seediness.

I also have to rave abit about Narelle Desmond's 'SLUTcase'. I LOVE this. It was huge, and would make a beautiful couch for some wanton floozy.

AND Lastly, the Kingpins, they made me smile, in a dark smelly room at the end of a corridor in the back of a vile old hotel where people died.

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