the slumps

We've been experiencing a severe case of post exhibition, post chutney club slumps. All week.
By we, I mean me.

What now? Um, other stuff, BUT who? why? and how will I ever afford it? Oh yeah, a new job I guess. Make stuff I guess. Unfortunately I don't really feel up to it.

I was struck down by the lurgy on Sunday evening, featuring fevers, pain and confusion. I don't think I've quite crawled out of that hole yet, despite a valiant effort to drink beer and be chipper on Wednesday night and a rally upon FINALLY sorting out my wheels yesterday, only for it to rain all day today foiling my plans to bike to all appointments in record time, instead schlepping about in wet shoes and a plastered raincoat.

Got home to drink tea and rum and climb into bed, waking up from precious sleep fearing someone was stealing the lovely new bike from the corridor.


They weren't.


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sublime-ation said...

Just checked my fruit trees, they are laden with baby apples, pears, apricots and quinces...this house used to have lots of visiting artists so you and Adam should come and visit, and make orchard things.