It's been a while crocodile

What with Alfred (nephew) and securing a house to move into and beginning to move into said house (which isn't actually a house it is a shop with a room out the back) and life and stuff, It feels to me like I haven't had time to think, in, like, forever.

I had a great time with the boy, though a 12 year old boy is like a vacuum; of time, energy, resources, bakery treats and patience. I have been to the top of half the tall buildings in Melbourne, been asked politely to leave a few, imagined again and again what it's be like to fall from the top of every one and pondered, again and again "what would you do if a plane flew into this building now, while we are looking at it?" Hmmm...

Alfred comes with a constant soundtrack of beatboxing, "deadly", "imagine if ..." explosions and machine gun fire which is hilarious and good and eventually drives you bats.
Apart from going up tall buildings (eureka, 101, 200 queen st, sofitel etc.), we went to luna park, the NGV (deadly), ACCA (deadly) imax (the dark knight), cricket in the park, the rooftop bar and much much more. Yeah, we had a ball.


pen said...

seriously deadly dell!
have missed you!

rhymes with pony said...

definitely a relative