crunch crunch

I just made some muesli. Crunchy.
Our new house doesn't have an oven so I thought I would bake some things. I also made some strawberry jam. I think it's going to be good. Probably better than the guts necklace I made for skin & bones.
Nice segue. My excuse for the ambivalence is simply that it was too hot for anything last week, in particular sewing. Tough as Guts. Or is it Rough as guts? I dunno.
I am wishing for cooler breezes, I'm tired of being grumpy.
This is one of the better photos (and possibly least incriminating) from saturday's rooftop dancing party. It still is a challenge to use my camera with the broken screen, a blind point and shoot. It's a bit of a lucky dip when you download the results. LUCKY.

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problematic said...

It's hard without an oven. Jack doesn't have one at the warehouse... no roast potatoes or cupcakes for us! x