I dragged my tired and overworked boyfriend along to the Chicks on Speed performance. It started out with a talk and slideshow by Dylan Martorell, then they played, Dylan, with Alex and Melissa from the Chicks, all of them showcasing some pleasing hand made instruments. Most pleasing for me was the shoe-guitar feedback and the bum slapping beats, which reminds me of what I like about these ladies. It was funny, painful (look at that little red bum!) and pleasing and simple.

I also enjoyed seeing the lady from the plant craft cottage peeking out from backstage at it all. Which is another thing I liked about this, a rather incongruous bunch of things coming together in a productive and inclusive environment. Thanks Craft Victoria! It appeals to me, this bits of everything approach, as you may know, if you know me.

I really enjoyed it, and having visited the space a few times, it's nice to see it evolving. I was most excited by the tapestry theremin being woven on-site, and I fully intended to take a photo, but I am bad with photos, now I don't have a camera. (All photos by the man with a camera, Adam) Mostly I'd like to see it played, though I guess that will happen somewhere else, sometime later.
monkey in a barrel
Later that night we drank too many beers and whiskey at home and rolled Wardy around in a barrel.

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sublime-ation said...

Yay chicks, I wish I'd gone.
No camera? Travesty!
I'm using my phone now, worth getting a new phone for, just the camera.