This is the alien onion which grows it's babies on the side, then drops them off to grow more babies. And more babies and more babies until it takes over the world and eats our children.

These are funny little toes, lovely new plants from Irina.

And these are furry wee bear claws, also from Irina. I am loving the gardening. Good, as we still have a sea of concrete to cover.


pen said...

love those mutant onions!

sublime-ation said...

I forgot to tell you also, and may as well under alien plants, I had a dream weeks ago I was in this amazing '50/70s art curator's house that had a train station in it, and there was this big 'Dell' coffee table book of your photos/art and I was really pissed off someone had beat me to publishing it. Someone like T&H NY or Taschen with $.
I got on the train, quite upset.

dell said...

Lucky the station was just there huh? Curators, always thinking.

Oh lady, how are you?

animaldelmar said...

whooo! i like the plants! they are creepy! if ever i sing okay, i will do a recording and put in on me site, okay? then you can play it to the plants and will make very strange discoveries, i'm sure... :) ich drück dich!