Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace*.

I finally finished this mammoth book. For awhile there I thought I'd be reading it forever. I started it when we first got back so it has been 6 months, which is a record for me. I can finish a book in one or two nights if possessed.
I feared for awhile I wouldn't make it, or that I would suffocate under it, or drop it on my head, as I kept falling asleep after reading half a page and returning the next night confused. The irony is that now I have finished it, I want to read it again to find out what the hell happened.
*That is a link to a heartbreaking story.


lauren said...

that happens to me waaaay more often than i'd like it to and i'm in the middle of a very slow-motion book right now by thomas mann. i've even managed to pick up a page-turner in the middle of it! heh.

dell said...

I was very careful not to pick up a page turner as I knew I may never return, and I wanted to read it dammit... But so tempting...

cake said...

Maybe that's the joke...

I started Infinite Jest and didn't get very far but had spoken to people who LOVE it.

I am just starting again on The Count of Monte Christo which I have to read because I lugged it all the way over here.

I think it's more of a page-turner, though, if a heavy one.