why o why

... would I want to sit for 6 hours in the gallery on my lonesome? Because people might come to see the art. It's heart warming, that on a wednesday people are bothering to come out into the cold to see art. Especially when I am waiting in the cold, in the hope that someone WILL come in. It's exciting when they actually do. Not that they could tell, as I will try to keep reading my book or knitting or staring at the wall, so as not to scare them off. Flighty, nervous types that they are*

Which you know, brings me around to another type* I don't know who they are, but I reckon they're maybe different, the type who go to Art Melbourne. It's like a big weekend art shopping mall experience. Adam is showing his little buildings from 'Don't Even Write' in the City of Melbourne's ARI stand.

I was helper, or schlepper. Anyway, I enjoyed watching all the passersby playing with this giant kaleidescope, across the way, by an artist from Sydney, Jordana Maisie.


I also glanced some horrors - maybe I should capitalize that? yes, HORRORS. Hopefully I will get to go and have a proper look at it all with some free booze in hand, tonight.

*Apologies for rash generalizations. I am obviously both types.

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