Chai and Indian sweets and gorgeous detailed paintings and wonky ceramics were very refreshing after a day out looking at art. We were lucky enough to be there when the artist, I think, Montu Chitraker sang one of the scroll paintings. Here's a little part of the story which goes something like, if you don't be good, a tiger will eat your face and crocodiles will lunch on your legs. OUCH.

There were some pretty amazing disaster paintings, telling stories of planes crashing, tsunamis, people dying, the French Revolution, Hiroshima, AIDS, Hindu-Muslim riots and dowry deaths, with specially composed songs to accompany each scroll. There is a little more information on the artists and the project here. A unique cross-cultural exchange between, visiting patachitra artists from West Bengal collaborating and working alongside Australian Artists.


pen said...

you didn't say WHERE!

dell said...

it was at a gallery, on Easey street, I'm not sure what it's called, but it's in the purple studio building. And I'm pretty sure it isn't on anymore. Sorry Pene!