At the movies

I finally got around to going to see both Samson and Delilah and Bastardy this week.
I loved both of them and if you haven't already, GO SEE them.

This documentary portrait of Jack Charles is of a funny, eloquent and very stylish man. The film has its distractions, but it felt very special to watch him, put together in his tweedy coat with his shock of amazing silver hair. The tragedy in his story is balanced by his warmth and charisma, he's made for the screen, and knows it.

Jack Charles with Director Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Samson and Delilah is an intimate portrayal of shy teenage romance, on the outskirts of remote Central Australia. It's stunning, so beautifully shot, with amazing performances from all of the cast but especially the young lead actors, so much more difficult and real than anything I've seen in ages. That said, it's not totally despairing either and leaves you with hope.

I hate to be preachy but we here need to see more films like these. Australia.

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