I'll spare you the photograph, but here is a list of what is in the fridge. We may have a condiment problem.

Preserved Lemons from Adam's uncle's tree in the Strathbogies.
Whiskey and Fig & Walnut Chutney from Lydia and the last Chutney Club.
Plum Jelly from when I house-sat for Annie and Kade and their Plum tree.
Plum Sauce. (As above)
Plum Jam by Drew and his front garden.
Strawberry Jam by me.
Pawpaw and Date Chutney, A souvenir batch from Mum and Dad's (I wish I bought more back with me)
Pene's Quince Jelly.
Orange Marmalade. Also from Adam's uncle's.
Pickled Beetroot. That was me.
Fig Jam. That too.

Pickled Ginger. Tomato Relish. Greek Yoghurt. Peanut Butter. Tomato Paste. Persian Fetta. Seeded Mustard. Pear and Ginger Conserve. Halva. Jar of Halloumi. Sweet Chili Sauce. Tomato Ketchup. Oyster Sauce. Olive Tapenade. Pickled wild onions. Anchovies and Miso.

ALSO Beer.
... and eggs and one piece of broccoli.
... Milk and Baby Juice.
... and Garlic Spray. (for pests)

Maybe we don't need another Chutney Club meeting after all? Maybe more jars of stuff is the last thing I need?


Anonymous said...

mmm our fridge sounds delicious

pen said...

you make me smile