EM em Oh Pee!

I want to visit here. You know, while we are thinking about spending money we don't have, and bigging up the things we love. (since 04!)

They are open tomorrow, and if it isn't raining weird horizontal rain and blowing a gale I might just get to Footscray to visit. I was sad to miss the fundraiser. A sadness I kept quiet about because I was living it up on holiday in Qld. This poster by The Narrows reminded me. Yes. Primitive Calculators. I'm sad. Boo.
And looking at the website, my favourite of the artist's prints to SAVE the Melbourne Museum of Printing is by Susan Jacobs. Perhaps worth spending that money you don't have on?

They have an online shop, and blog, in case the weather is too shitty to ride. I am interested in printing another Artist's book and think this might be the place, so I better get there sometime to have a look.

Type-setting my old friend, long time, no see. Why O Why am I drawn to all these tedious processes? Yes ANIMATION, I am talking to you. Also Knitting, and you too Embroidery, and well while we are here, lets talk about printmaking, and yes I could go on and on. And on.

Therefore, I am tedious.


cake said...

How about a typeset embroidered knitted animation

dell said...

sounds lovely to me, therein lies my problem...

djali said...
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Jen said...

Just got an email from a very special, old friend; upon her return to melbourne requests a trip to the print museum with me immediately. An amazing coincidence or just great minds thinking.

PS. I like your moss