New Shops!

I am very lucky to be stocking my trinkets in amongst all the goodness in the Cottage. If you are in the neighbourhood, drop in and have a look.

Also, I have set up an online shop here, for those who can't make it to the shops. Perhaps your traipsing about days are over, and you merely hang out on the internet eating donuts, staring at pictures of the universe (wow a pony!) and buying jewels that you will never wear because you are too damn busy to go outside. That's okay! Just pile them up on the dresser. Or in a trunk.

Look here!

Perhaps pony friday just re-instated itself? Blame the universe.

In other news, I have work in the 'Perspective' exhibition at Craft Victoria, as part of the Craft Cubed festival which launches tonight. I am just this moment trying on an unfinished bastardized trouser-top I may save from the unfinished projects pile. Maybe. Lets face it, it's not like I have nothing to do, or nothing to wear.

And lastly, since we are talking about the universe. A little story about one of Saturn's moons.

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pen said...

yay for Dell!