I saw a dolphin

Jemila didn't really believe me* when I said I saw a dolphin in the Yarra as I walked across the bridge to the Arts Centre.

BUT, I did. According to wikipedia, dolphins have been known to venture upstream as far as South Yarra. I felt pretty sure it was a dolphin (after the initial shock where I thought perhaps it was some new fangled underwater craft, it was huge) or maybe some small whale. I watched it for about 15 minutes, cruising around under the pedestrian bridge between flinders station and South Bank. I was late for my meeting. After a little while I thought I better try to take a photo, but by then it was further away and all I really managed were some UFO-esque blurry dusk shots of the river with vague hints of dolphin fin (I can see it at least).


I hope he doesn't hang out there too often, for his sake, almost all of the fish are contaminated with heavy metals including arsenic and are really not fit for dolphin consumption.

*She came around abit maybe towards the end. I was a believer.


michael chalk said...
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michael chalk said...

Dell that is so gorgeous !!

i'm really thrilled you saw a dolphin there. (Dolphins have been spotted in the yarra other times it's true.)

.. or some kind of alien sub-yarra craftie thing. That could be just as much special.

oh yes look !!


pen said...

perhaps she heard the design festival was on......
or maybe she just came for the shopping

dell said...

Dolphins are only into crystals and dream catchers. I'm pretty sure you can get them in Lorne.

Adam said...

nut. dolphins also like glitter paint, planets, ESP and sun-faded posters

Anonymous said...

Dell gets carted off to the loony bin shouting -dolphins! Dolphins in the yarra! I saw them! No really I did!

It's sad because you really did see that large delphys.

Latin for dolphin but sounds like dell fish