Piennale 09

Many many Pies.

The pie master trophy.

Pie Hosts.

Post Pie Judges.

I was keeping quiet about it, but I was a Pie Judge. I'm putting that on my C.V. I'm not sure what I did to qualify, but I'm happy about it.
So many pies, including Pork Belly, Cider and Apple pie, Oz Burger, Jerusalem Artichoke and Mushroom, 6 Mushroom pie, Madras pies, Key Lime, Cherry & Apple, Strawberry Vanilla and Semolina, Pecan pie, and lastly, possibly my favourite, Spiced Dark Chocolate Pie.


pen said...

you guys have all the fun!

Jen said...

So many pies...!!! *swoons*

Oh Dell, I love your blog. Don't ever stop.

There, I've said it.

dell said...


I say we plan some other pie eating scenario sometime. It's a pretty good scene.

Jen said...

That would be grand.

I've been missing all the good stuff lately. Busy with studies and monstrous projects. Maybe in spring, then I can be all about the pies.

Just one question, it's been bothering me for a while now, is it still a pie if there is no pastry?