Yes ZOND. They made me grin like a gleeful bastard at the Edinburgh Castle last night. It seemed kind of inappropriate, even to me, that such a blatant racket should please me so. It made me want to damage my ears and also start a band with somebody talented. Again.

It's the kind of music that only really makes sense to me live, so I forget how much I love it when I'm too busy hanging out in the cave making things and being a good wife, but fuck, it was good. Big thanks to Casswah and Band, The If, for getting my lazy bones to a show. I loved them by the way and am hoping for the same line-up again sometime soon. A line-up which included inevitable orbit. I think they might be a grower, as I swayed between high hopes and slight confusion. I love the drummer and thought he should be more prominent, as he is one of the best in this hokey town. I am though, quite biased. This must be obvious by now.

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