Clowns are creepy

I found this pristine clown cross-stitch at the opshop on the weekend. It is both ugly and beautiful and a little bit creepy. I still have clown fears after watching 'It' at the age of 11.

I pulled it out of it's frame, unpicked all it's staples and chopped it into quarters. I worried about unleashing some scary clown / needlepointing Nanna voodoo. Then I stitched the pieces into zip purses, one for my only niece, one for me, one for a present and one for...
I dunno... Maybe you?

If you like the look of it, let me know what you'd put in it. Via Email or in the comments. This is a giveaway. I'll pick randomly from the best answers at the end of the week. One of a kind, there can be only one winner, etc.


pen said...

clowns scare me too
clown voodoo
probably perfect to put in the ripped out still beating heart of an evil clown

Digital Misfit said...

Clowns definitely freak me out. I watched "It" with a group of friends in a house that was FILLED with clown decor including a life size freak in the corner. I have never recovered.

That said, that pouch is adorable!


Jen said...

I too have the same issue with clownage. But the purse is adorable and very clever and reminds me of a pillow slip I once enjoyed before I'd heard of Stephen King.

I would put a small child in there,like one of these, in and take it everywhere I go.

I know, that link probably doesn't help matters.

Jen said...

Ah, this is what I meant: Child Clowns.

cookie said...

i would keep cotton puffs in it. hana likes to take them out one by one, dab them on her nose, then my nose and we pretend to sneeze and she throws them around "puff!"

dell said...

I scrunched names up on bits of paper and picked one out AND the winner is Jen!
Which is kind of appropriate not just for scary/creepy Tim and Eric video but also because it was her birthday last week.