Repeat Repeat

In a contemporary culture of increasing information overload, unlimited access and hyper-production 'Repeat Repeat' looks at how 6 artists, Carly Fischer, Annika Koops, Dell Stewart, Rachael Hooper, Adam Cruickshank and Natasha Frisch deal with some of these anxieties and humors in such a climate.

Rainbow, Dell Stewart 2008

All artists employ obsessive processes of production, or observation, perhaps to mimic the drive that surrounds them and also to provide an escape through the meditative qualities of work. Within each artists process is also the element of analogue copy-catting, an upside-down reversion to hand crafted production at the expense of faster, more efficient means.
Floating in between regressive nostalgia and progressive eradication, these artists deal with the strange place that the culture of repeat finds them in.

The exhibition opens tomorrow night, friday August 7th at platform, in the degreaves st subway from 6 til 8pm.

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