I just dropped a glass. Woah!
Because our floor is concrete it shattered into more than one million pieces. Because our kitchen is actually also our bedroom and the bathroom, teeny tiny bits of glass are now strewn from every corner of all three of those rooms. Which means I have glass in the sprawling piles of dirty laundry which have been building up this week and the soggy clothes I discarded coming in drenched after ten minutes trapped in the bucketing rain, and the general snarl of shoes that clog up my life.

Speaking of the snarl, I just got a new pair of 5 dollar shoes, woohoo!
Anyone wanna share a camberwell stall so i can clear this glut out? Or at least trade it for NEW junks? New junks! After living in this place for 6 months, I think we have broken maybe thirty or forty glasses, and at least that many beer bottles. Whoops!

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pen said...

same here in first 6 months
(including glasses, plates, camera, phone......)
they used to kinda bounce on my old floor

pen said...

oh and things rolling outta the fridge
mayo and glass shards is a bugger to clean up

djali said...

Rony and I wanna do a Camberwell market stall too. Maybe we can join forces (?)... except I am largely out of action on the fun activity front until October 25th (lot's of homework).

Thanks for the pouch, i love it very much!