denim on denim

Andrea and I have been working here in the studio each monday. We have an exhibition at craft victoria next year so we are making things. I was quite hungover monday morning and struggled to get out of bed and dressed before she came round. She informed me that I was wearing an American tuxedo. She's from Canada. She doesn't know that the rest of the world knows it as a Canadian tuxedo. SO. I like to think it was slightly closer to this than this...

But it wasn't, though maybe it was some kind of happy mix of the two, without the balloons and easy glamour. Just a hangover.
SO, on the topic of denim on denim, and much prettier, let's segue to ogling my new quilt.

I made a quilt

Made with the help and generosity of clever Penelope and her quilter, from bits of leftover denim I had and the formidable creature that is Pen's binding machine, otherwise known as The Beast.
I am loving this quilt (and the other one I have thrown over the couch) even if they are still quite stiff and remind me of sleeping under cardboard. I won't hark back to the lonely two nights I slept on and under cardboard.
Instead I'll just rabbit on abit more with my current obsession for all things blue. Each time I've seen Miss Trotter lately I've been wearing ten types of blue, and she's been wearing ten types of brown. I can only shake it if I make a concerted effort in dressing other colours, and most often I end up wearing shades of grey. Perhaps it's just what I need to inspire me to make or find a dress for tomorrow. Something old or something blue.


Ben.H said...

"Canadian Tuxedo". Now I know how to describe the way John Cage dressed for the last 20 years of his life. Thanks.

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Love love love denim on denim!
I am dress like a little proletarian.
I cant get enough of it
and am often wandering about
resembling a chick from Prisoner!

Great Quilt

Anonymous said...

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