I just put down squid on the scrabble board on a triple word score, and it reminded me to post about Simon's Exhibition. You see the squid was the one I wanted, but of course when I got there it had been snaffled up.

I am crap at these things. You know, buying art in time. That whole seize the moment thing. I had had time to weigh up my favourites, as I was helping out with framing, but forgot, duh that once the show opened people would be buying them like hotcakes, which they did, damn them (the squid buyer in particular). All very good for Simon, and justifiably so, as you know, people like his particular brand of cleverness. I just liked the squid.

Then Kate told me I looked like the squid, and I kinda had to agree with her. So, there you go. My sad story of not having the squid. I coulda told him and he woulda kept it for me, but NO, I just go there afterwards and lament my uncanny resemblance to a squid, all pale and blue and tangly. Anyway. Boo me.

That said, my favourite part of the evening was encouraging Simon's father Richard to play that rather conspicuous banjo he had left in the corner. I mean you can't just bring it and not play it, now can you?

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