Ok Ok, it's late to be rabbiting on about this. But here is the breaded ham, which though not perfect, almost does my childhood memories justice. It's like a giant ham sandwich, but better. I didn't get any decent pictures of other main courses but there was BBQ baramundi, prawns, roast chicken, smoked trout and much much more.

I did though, get some photos of dessert. Highlights of which were the Wardies whip-up Pannetone trifle and mince pies and later a refreshing watermelon granita and raspberry sherbet. Maybe we went a bit over the top. But we have been having watermelon granita every day since then, so I am happy about it. Especially today.

I have since been struck down with summer sleepiness, which makes me wonder how I got through all those days before Christmas when I had so much to do. Maybe I'll wake up next year.

Happy New Year!

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