Ginger beer spider... I just made one. Good for me.
In the last few days I have also made salty hazelnut fudge and I have made plans for Raspberry Sherbet, traditional Lebkuchen and more Rum balls. Also, finally this year I am making my mums Christmas ham encased in freshly made bread dough and baked in the oven. The ham stays warm and moist while the bread absorbs that delicious piggy flavour and crunches up on the outside. I have such fond memories of this from when I was a kid, now, finally I am making it. Or making it up. I'm sure it'll be fine.
Oh, we are house-sitting in a house with an oven, so even if it's hot I will be doing some baking.
I also plan to try some more treats from this fleeting bakery on Crossley street, and well, there are just too many good things to eat out there.
Now, how to not turn into too much of a fatty?

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