Happy Birthday to me...

beware snakes
I think I used to sing this as a teenager when it was my birthday during school holidays and there would NEVER be a party or friends, just post Christmas slash New Years SLUMPS. Probably also the time I was in Tasmania and not one of my family remembered to call. So, as a twenty five year old I reclaimed the day and demanded my friends celebrate with me and I have since had the best birthdays. I mean really, who needs that much arm-twisting to postpone the cold hard, or, more likely sweltering and delirious reality of a new year for another week when there is cake to eat and watermelon punch to slosh.

I didn't have to sing it to myself this year. I had Andrea bake me an amazing chocolate mousse and raspberry cake and drive me to Heide to picnic in the gardens and rejoice in a lazy manner with loved ones. Then I was just in time back to the city to be spoiled with a special dinner with the one I love. I am slightly concerned about the high notes which this year has opened with, but perhaps it'll just keep on building up to be the year of years. Thanks everyone for good wishes. I feel lucky and spoilt to know such wonderful people.

Not to mention wondering what I did to deserve such special treatment, like this silver leather goon bag from dear Pene, and these, the wooden glasses of my dreams, and the cake and the rest. Ok Shush!


shorty said...

happy birthday across the world! i totally feel you on this one. i have a school holiday birthday too, and grew up with the same experience. What irony that it took going to grad school to have an amazing birthday, but that's what happened to me this year too. excellent.

pen said...

amory should get a job in airport security- I see he's going through your bag just like he did mine! Everything came out!

clever cloggs said...

hey shorty!
happy belated birthday!
i'm coming to australia in april so we can toast together!


animaldelmar said...

happy b-day, very late but there it is! a big hug! m x