A sorry day

Saying goodbye to one Melbourne's best live music venues, I was surprised and saddened to hear it is finished.
I went to protest, and was very pleased to see the whole intersection closed down in honour of the Tote, and glad to hear of a decent send off with a brass band and a bit of jubilation. It just made me thirsty standing outside the pub, but hopefully it sent a message to someone.
I hope it's not in vain. Write to somebody, sign a petition, let's not let bullshit licencing laws ruin what is good about Melbourne. Lucky you if you have tickets to the last gig. I'll just remember my favourites, the reformation of Primitive Calculators and Billy Childish and many many more.


Monica said...

I'm feeling so low about the Tote. And sad that I didn't get to have a last drink there. I tried to get a ticket but it was impossible.
Such a great venue, I'm going to miss it,

dell said...

Yes exactly. Time to write to Liquor Licensing Commissioner Sue McLennan