Boring for Boring

When Cam, Ed and Adam were planning a trip to the MCG for the West Indies V Australia One Day, I wanted in. I loved the Windies as a kid, Viv Richards made watching cricket tolerably interesting. I had a brother who watched it pretty religiously, so I was only happy if sixes were being hit as it was usually *Boring for Boring. I've come around to the cricket as an adult, in that I don't mind the commentary rabbiting on in the background, and take an interest if it's coming down to the wire, or someone is being amazing.

When I was a kid my aunt Pene had a watermelon tshirt which I coveted, and have been meaning to replicate for a long time. I never wanted to wear a watermelon on my head, but I did want the top, so, I made one. And it made my day. I will be making more of these. It makes people happy.

So does the big limp gatorade on wheels at drinks time. And the stripes of the ground. And binoculars. Apart from happily witnessing a few wickets, I had no real idea what was going on out there. The crowd were distracting, and much closer, keeping security busy ejecting people and chasing and deflating beach balls.

It was disgustingly hot and kind of punishing, so I also marveled at the throngs of shirtless teenagers, and patriotic tattoos, hairspray and flag capes. Say hello to the other Australian Ugliness. Time for me to go back into my cave.

*Courtesy of Andrea, the most accurate cricket score ever.

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