Happy New Year Tiger

A Snake in the year of the Tiger. This made me laugh as I know quite a few Tiger people with loose change in their brains. I heart Chinese astrology, almost as much as I heart numerology.

The Tiger wishes you only the best. His influence however is another pair of socks altogether. Tigers have a reputation for prowling low in the jungles of the world late at night stalking their prey. This animal portrait does not quite fit the profile of the restless Tiger person. Tiger people are active in the extreme. They leap and bound and careen about searching for new and different experiences. They adore change and prefer that it happen in a hurry. You Snakes prefer to languish in silken repose on chaises longues reading novels with dense, sinuous plots, expansive detailed geographies and complex dramatis personnae. Let’s just say your styles are different. And your goals are not the same either. You want to reflect and philosophize. Tigers act first and think second. Because of their immense charm, Tigers are frequently chosen to lead. But they rarely lead far without the sage advice of someone like you. How could they? They have change for brains – loose change at that. So this Tiger year will be a challenge for Snakes. You will be called upon to counsel friends and foes alike. You will be in charge of wisdom. Small accidents and tiny setbacks will annoy you. But you are not in danger. In the hands of a Tiger, a Snake can feel a certain thrill. But don’t look for security this year cuz there isn’t any to spare.

Apologies for a post irrelevant to almost everybody. Whoops. Speaking of crooked obsessions, remind me to post about my love for Psychic Rainbow sometime.


pen said...

little wood snake here- I loved that when I read it the other day and wanted to take to my chaissssse lounge for the day
silly tigers, they need us to advise them

cake said...

i know at least one tiger that desperately needs a snake to sort out that loose change