Works Backyard

I am guiltily posting this, as I meant to go tonight and didn't. It was pouring with rain. My bike seat and helmet were soaked. I will go check it out on Saturday. The new Sunshine and Grease. And a new gallery. This is the first show. It's all good news. Go say hi to Pat. Hi Pat.

Artists - Simon Taylor and Christopher LG Hill, Thomas Morison, Sara Jean Brimfield, Dylan Martorell, Kym Maxwell and Noah Maxwell, Eamon Sprod.

Curated by Patrick O'Brien
9 Queens Parade Clifton Hill
S+G = Th 12-6, Fr 12-8 Sat 12-5

Speaking of backyard, Andrea and I dropped in to see The Wild Chorus, new works from Tai Snaith at Helen Gory Galerie. The first show in the new space and a peek in the open backyard made me wish I'd got across town the day before for the opening. I am a fellow colour coder / magpie, and it is all pretty pleasing to ponder.

Instead I finished work and headed down towards Smith St to pick up my bike, where I found a crisp fifty blowing on the road. I hesitated, picked it up, waved it around in an awkward 'look I have a pineapple!' manner, but no-one was claiming it, no one was around. A girl on her bike rode by and called 'it's your lucky day!'
By the time I got across the street, Kate called and she was just behind me, probably wondering why I was dithering and standing around looking confused. She's the perfect person to share a pineapple with, fruit or currency. We decided it was an auspicious moment to go and drink some beers on the road. Free road beers taste better. We did give thanks to the pineapple, also to the road.


pen said...

how tinny are you this week!?

cake said...

thankyou road and dell

lauren said...

if you have any of that pineapple left, i think you should go to glitzern and buy yourself a log ring. they're gold and pieces of log. i saw them today and couldn't help but think of you.

unless, of course, they're yours and i just made myself look like a dickhead :D