A Whirlwind

... tour of some shows. First up opening lines at Gertrude. Susan Jacobs architectural deconstruction steals the show, with her literal opening of the lines of the floorboards allowing some peering on the threshold of history. I also remember Joyce Hinterding's beautiful graphite and gold drawings which operate as aerials that translate and amplify usually inaudible energy into the gallery.

Then to Y3K. I am predictably in love with the animal logo sweater by Karl Grandin and it's nice to see it in the flesh. It's a part of Speech and What Archive? Melbourne Flottante.

In Melbourne Flottante, we continue to consider what is kept and why it is kept, how things may be mapped, traced or stored, the possible shape and content of an archive, who may speak and what is kept unsaid, and generally what is privileged in culture so that it is available to the future.

Stolen Library is well documented here and is a good insight into what we covet and keep and pilfer.

West Space has The Nothing, curated by Kelly Fliedner. I want to go back for this one, on the night I was thoroughly taken by Deborah Ostrow's work and spent most of my time there staring at it. Remind me to go to the artist talk, as I'd like to have a better look at the rest of it.

Lastly, Territorial Pissings at the new Utopian Slumps. I can't say I saw much of this show, but I did see Mel tidying up after the throng had cleared out of the laneway. I also saw the ceiling and a few carved wood sculptures, but otherwise was sidetracked by beer and people. I will be back though.

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