Today I was walking down Napier St with my love to grab a foccacia from Fatto a Mano and OMG the Op shop was open. Huzzah. It's never open! Or like maybe one tuesday a month, if the moon is right, maybe. I had to stop in and have a look, it's sort of a free day, well not really free, it's called a studio day, so why was I walking down a sunny autumnal Napier St with my love?

Hmm, anyway, Adam only has so much patience for Op shops; when he is not on a country drive or scouring them for specific art materials and microwave cookbooks. So I quite quickly honed in on a rainbow wool cardigan that some golden hands has produced just for me. Yes me. It fits and is a lovely nightmare of pastel-hued, ugly prettiness for the princely sum of 5 bucks. New. Actual wool. Ugly. You can't say no to that. Or can you?

I voiced my thoughts (whoops) on not buying anything new to wear til at least September and was reminded I don't really buy much new except tights and undies and socks and I bought new tights and undies last week. A-hem.

So, not a huge pledge or sacrifice, but still, it might be harder than I think. To make it tougher I expanded the range to no op-shop clothes (but really? they are like gifts from above and cannot be denied if they fit and are friendly, I mean really?) and no books, music or magazines. Adam reminded me I don't really spend much on books and magazines either, the point being that I am poor. Like promising to stop buying houses or cars or another boat.

Then we got down to the bones of it. I spend all my money on food and art materials and bands and beer. In a longer term sense I also spend it on plane tickets. If I want to save I need to make more. And stop drinking beer. Which is also possible and commendable to some degree.

Make more? But how?

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sublime-ation said...

I dream of going on a road trip with you and Adam and stopping off at op shops and then a brewery.