Structural Integrity

We went to the opening of Structural Integrity. I spent most of my time in this, the West Space pavilion. I was very fond of the giant rainbow candle constructed by 'Greatest Hits' and was even more enamoured with it when I found out they made it themselves. I failed to get a picture of it, though you can see it lurking in some of these. I hope to be there when it burns.


the long table discussion

greatest hits

And lastly, I would like to point you to this video I took of the Science Art Club and their SMOKE RING GENERATOR. It's rumoured to be the largest smoke ring machine in the southern hemisphere, certainly the only one I've ever seen, and it was manned by teenagers with whistles. My favourite thing all night. Closely followed by a Mammoth nugget of gold, though I'll save that for another post.

The Science-Art Club consists of a collection of students and staff from Brunswick Secondary College and visual artist Scott Mitchell. The club was formed in 2009 during an artist in schools program funded by Arts Victoria and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The Science-Art Club has, over many lunch-time meetings, constructed a large wooded machine capable of producing giant smoke rings. Et Voila!

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