It's Like That

'It's Like That' is a short animated documentary I worked on about 5 years ago. The film was a Southern Ladies Animation Group project and was directed by all thirteen members of S.L.A.G. Yes slag. You can read more about it here. It was a very rewarding project and the film screened all over the world, including at Sundance and the Amnesty International Film festival and the International Documentary festival in Amsterdam.

So, I was most pleased to see it popping up in the M.I.A.F. program as part of the 10 years of Australian Animation which screens on the 26th of June at 6pm. Go see it! And the other goodness on show. I love M.I.A.F. and am intending to go to quite a few sessions this year. My pick so far, apart from that one, in a very different vein, is the Vince Collins Retrospective. So good to see this psychedelic feast of colour and pure energy on the big screen. This Sunday at 8pm. Weeeeeee!

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