Rattle Rattle Rattle

Some gloomy pics of Adam's show at Westspace. There was a racket after all. Lots of people came and interacted with the art. By playing it. By moving it. By putting empty drinks on it. By eating it.

A highlight was watching the kids, who basically think someone has provided them with some new and interesting toys. This little one dismantled and re-assembled everything she got her hands on, in a very business like manner, and laughed about it all. The business of play.

Another example. This reflection was smiling when I first got to the gallery. I was kind of surprised that without any prompting people got in and shifted it, it was formed into an arrow, dispersed, back to a smiley face and finally a cock. But of course.

Once a precedent is set for interaction, the people interact, it can be harder than you'd think to make that happen in a gallery.

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lauren said...

and i've noticed that children will always be the first to interact :)

i love the roulette thingy. i've called it the backchat roulette. i don't even know what the title is. tut tut.