I have been laying low. I'm possibly also abit tired from embracing the World Game. Our television only really gets reception for SBS so right now it is a World Cup festival. I'm ok with it. (it's better than the tour de france) Especially since I can braid my hair and sew and be within reach of the heater.

I just watched handsome Portugal rain goals onto DPR Korea whilst writing a grant application. So much more fun when goals are scored, and so much more fun than writing a grant application. I have a complex set of allegiances to balance as each game is played out, I am going for Australia (disappointing) and New Zealand (way more arse than class), I am a fan of Japan, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Netherlands and the fancy footwork of Brazil and Mexico, and I've come to love Argentina's quickfooted bogans (not to mention their little brick of a coach) and I'd love to see Ghana or Ivory Coast do well. I'm actively unsupportive of Germany and Engerland.

Australia's next match will pass me by. The 4:30 game is totally beyond me, and things aren't looking too good. Lucky I have 6 other teams lined up to support.

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