Doctor Doctor

Alice Euphemia are having the Fashion Doctors in attendance on Saturday as part of State of Design Festival. I was planning to get out my stethoscope but instead I am house-hunting. Boo for me. Grab your NQR clothes and make an appointment with the Doctor. A nip and a tuck can really do wonders. Just ask Kylie, or don't.

I also have many NQR clothes which I take great pleasure in wearing in various combinations. A conversation this morning.

'Is this too funny?'
'I really don't know how you can tell what is too funny, and what is just funny enough.'

Hmmm. Some things are funny for the right reasons, some aren't. Some can be borderline with a bit of both. I have been on all sides of those lines – I like the blurring of lines. I don't so much like to look like a joke, not so much, though maybe sometimes if it's a good one.


Karen said...

Oh Dell, your skipping on both sides of the line of what you call funny is what I call delightfully brilliant. Keep on zig zagging. And fingers and toes crossed for the perfect DandA abode! X karen

dell said...

Karen, I hope it went well. Talk soon.