Long time, no internet. Or, you know, a week. WHOA! 

We moved! 


We survived. With bruises and broken backs. 

We are having a studio sale. Amidst the stuff we are yet to move. There will be beer. There will be the FAMOUS table chairs. There will be Junk. There will be Arts and Crafts. There might be salty hazelnut fudge. There might also be a fire later to toast our homeless hands on. Oh! That's right. We have a house! Not homeless, just celebrating! Flying the pineapple! 

Details here. It's handy to a tram stop in the wilds of Thornbury, overlooking the sea. The KFC.


cookie said...

i NEED that knitted rainbow :)

Camila said...

fun! salty hazelnut fudge sounds delicious.