In orbit

And because there is not much going on here in boxtown – some links.

Hard Age New Edge
by Susan Jacobs at Sarah Scout.

Craft Cubed. So many things on at, and in orbit around Craft Victoria this month for the festival of Craft. Including an opening at the gallery tonight.

Tai Snaith has curated a show 'Rendevous in Wrongtown' which is on for one day only, this coming saturday. I'll be moving house, but you could go. She has a new blog here, so either way you can go say hello.

Have you visited Zoologie? The shop. In Manchester lane. Say hello to the ever lovely Bonita and George and/or feast your eyes on all this. I have meant to take pictures but have had NO TIME. Soon.

And your reward for making it this far without pictures? A video of a cranky baby white tiger. WAAAAAAAAH!!!

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Joe's blog said...

Oh...how cute :-)))
Like a cuddly toy :-))))))