It's been hard to find the time

... to even do anything but grin and run around looking at things. We have arrived in Kyoto after a couple of days marveling at Mt Fuji and everything around it.

OMG. Kyoto! We love Kyoto. It's hot, it's humid. Everybody has little kerchiefs or towels tied around their head or neck, or dabbing a sweaty brow with a nicely folded handkerchief. We had the morning at Kobo-san flea market in the Toji temple grounds. It was slightly heartbreaking, as stupidly I had no money on me and my card didn't work in the only ATM, so I couldn't buy the things I have been saving for. We did though get delicious preserved cumquats and some sweet potato chips and it was amazing to look.

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all of canadia said...

oh i love love!