Two days...

Hello from the bed! I love this view! There is a man across the way who comes out and tends to his plants, I think he is having a good chat to them.

We started out our first day with a mission to the Australian Embassy here in Tokyo. The trains are easy, but navigation once outside of the station has me confused. Which means we do quite abit of extra walking, and our feet are bloody stumps, but we are SO excited it helps. OMG, everything is outta hand. SO Cute! Old people, children (holy shit!), the taxis, the gardens, the signs, the drinks, and pretty much everything. Overwhelming. Here are some photos, which maybe don't illustrate it, and are possibly very boring, but we have had photo paralysis. Too much!

Um, rainbow taxis. Nobody told me about the taxis. They are beautiful. More pictures to come, I'm sure.

Don't drop your cute little hat on the tracks, and if you do, please don't jump down to save it, the man has pincers. Also, lets go fishing! Okay, no, but let's watch for awhile.

I think this was a school, so many good ceramic faces. I'm not even sure what this area was, but we were looking for a bike rental place (which we didn't find) but we did find a peko pancake place with sweet bean and black sesame filled peko heads, and lovely old men who wanted to help, and talk about how when he visited Cairns he saw rainforest and went in a hot air balloon.

Tokyu Hands! Drag us out, before we spend our allowance on Mr no-neck here or rainbow mutant chicken. Tomorrow, we hope to see some art. And maybe buy some new sneakers, these ones are all worn out.

Apologies in advance for boring rushed travel posts. We have beer to drink and Japanese game shows to ponder. Kampai!

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Anonymous said...

Shit! I wondered why I couldn't get in touch with you! Thought you'd dropped your phone down a drain...that dude in Tokyo would pick it up with his pincers...can't access your invite...love fleischi