Hi lovely people. I have just set up a place to buy Chutney Club hamper tickets online. You can go there and buy them (if you live in Melbourne) and maybe even win a festive hamper. I have just finished writing up a bunch of tickets sold by this new-fangled means. Woo. If that is beyond you, I still stand by the old method, ie. asking us if you see us, or obliging us if we see you first.

Other recent developments are a batch of scones with Sailor and Iggy, an extended staring session with little Molly and three new flowers on the Cactus. I hope for some more exciting developments soon.

I failed to get anywhere with my plans to make an outfit to wear to our post-wedding picnic. I might be making it on the morning at this rate. If only I knew what to make. I keep shifting stacks of fabric around. I did however make a new shirt for me, and one for Adam.

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