Nom Nom Nom

Or, who is that fat bastard? I got overcome with a baking brain this weekend. I blame Andrea for bringing around the most delicious cake on satuday morning. It was raspberry macaroon cake, with juicy berries under a crunchy meringuey top. OMG.

I made a Christmas cake early this year in the hope that it ages gracefully. (I'm still not sure of the recipe, but I guess you just keep trying til you find the right one). I also made pistachio and almond bread (above – pretty!) and pistachio macaroons, which may just be the most delicious thing I have ever made. Maybe. The recipe only made about 8 biscuits so there are none left to ponder, sadly. I will have to make them again though.

And lastly, I made panettone. That was epic. Who'd a thunk I was procrastinating? No, still haven't made no dress.

P.S. Our new house has an oven. We have 18 months without one to catch up on.

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