Handy hints

Pene has made us some great hessian totes for the hampers. Three tough and beautiful bags to carry a hamper, then maybe a picnic or simply the groceries.

She has also generously donated a copy of 'The 21st Birthday Cookery Book of the Country Women's Association in Tasmania' for each hamper. It's an entertaining and informative read, with a whole section on CHUTNEYS & PICKLES and another on SAUCES 'an essential part of successful cookery, it is necessary to attain proficiency in the art of making them.'
JAMS, JELLIES and MARMALADE: on jellies 'The texture should be tender, and the jelly should cut easily, breaking with distinct cleavage and keeping it's shape. The containers should be uniform in size, the covers should fit tightly, and a small neat label placed evenly on the jars.'
Those are handy hints some members of the Chutney Club could do with reading.

There is an opening section; Hints to Young Housewives, which preaches we start the morning happily by getting up in good time. There are medicinal drinks, the most terrifying is Atholl Rose, which involves the dissolving of whole eggs (and shells) in lemon juice, dousing with a pint of whiskey and drinking a glass full each morning. ERGH.

The closing hints section contains stuff like certain cures for boils and burnt saucepans, bee-stings and blunt mincer blades. This book covers everything! A cookery and good living bible. Just don't cook anything from any section which contains recipes like sheeps head soup and Budget pie.

Available in a Chutney Club hamper or from the source at Cottage Industry if you aren't willing to rely on chance.

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