I want for nothing

Though these are just my cup of tea. From Mr Kitly. Takahashi Kougei Kami series mug. And some Australian grown green tea.

And while we are dreaming, I also kinda love this scarf. And this glorious patterned knit top I have been wondering (via the internet) if I could pull off for awhile, (now it has appeared in Dagmar Rousset on Gertrude st, I have to try it on). I'd like a giant hanging plant for my kitchen. And if we are really dreaming, I'd like a pair of these or these, or maybe also this dress.

BUT, actually, mostly, really, what I hope for is time and brain space for some random play like this and this. The only shopping I am likely to do is for Chutney Club, as we raised just on 900 dollars this year, so I look forward to buying some beehives and banana trees and have already put some more money into kiva loans.

Merry Christmas. Hope it's peaceful and joyful and there is time to read a book and have a nap. The very important things.

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