Dinner at Disco Beans. We had okonomyaki, gyoza and the disco don. The rice is a delicious combination of nutty wildness and there was coriander butter. Yum.

I had this hanging over my head. These amazing ugly beautiful sculptures by Oddsista from Osaka. I want one. There is a closing party this sunday evening, which I would like to go to, in order to buy something. There are many things I'd like, printed onigiri and steak bags, pretzel bloomers and noodle bum leggings. I love food dressing. As long as it's not too heavy on the mustard.

Then we went to see The Zonks play at the Empress. They should play more than one gig a year. I am zonked. I love all this psychedelia.


Adam said...

zonking good bday

ii-ne-kore said...

i love this place. vegan japanese? yes please! such a great installation, i wonder if you bought something nice?? and thanks so much for your kind shout out post!