Hi! How are you?

So much has been happening. Cyclones, floods, fires, and more locally the great teenage siege of 2011. All of which I haven't really come to grips with, except that the boy has left after 2 weeks, and is hopefully happily ensconced back in Far North Queensland where he will no doubt be useful in the cyclone clean up. Also him leaving means I might actually be able to think clearly for a moment or two.

I haven't really read anything on the internet lately except occasional emails. Sorry if I am behind, sorry if I owe you a call or a text. My family are all OK after Cyclone Yasi, despite being in the direct firing line, and having a big clean up to do, their houses held together and the power and phones are back on this week.

A few things I am excited about, seeing pictures and stories from Almond Land. Working with Kate, who leaves for Berlin tomorrow for this. Also, I am about to move into a lovely studio as I have a couple of projects on, and I need a workspace headspace.

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