Love Letter, Love Letter

Is an exhibition on, right now, in in the U. K. I am excited about it, not least because I'm a hopeless romantic, but also because I'm in it, and am loving the company I'm keeping.

Featuring, in alphabetical order: Ibtihal Al Basry, Alex Behr, Blossom Berkofsky, Fanny Bostrom Gentle, Finlay Brown, Sandra Collins, Dan Estabrook, Jad Fair, Lucy Hopper, Sophia Hussain, Emily Johnson, Christy Claire Katien, Susan Kuester, Charlene Kunira, Maximilla Lukacs, Suzy Mangion, Heather Maxwell Hall, Hannah Metz, Tabitha Kyoko Moses, Angeliska Polacheck, Carol Sommer, Souad, Patrick Staff, Victoria Staples, Dell Stewart, Sasha Strass O’Neill, The Grete Bloch, Mike Watt & Lauren Wilson.

This unique art show curated by Nicky Peacock & Steven Philip Brown, lets us share in the private lives and loves of some very interesting people. The show is accompanied by a DVD and book featuring the artists and their works and includes declarations of love by the general public… you old romantics…

There is a very blog with online submissions of love letters here. I'd love to see more, maybe you could submit one?

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