This week

We went to a fundraiser for Japan Earthquake Victims at The Tote on Sunday. We got pelted with rain as we rode home, but had fun regardless, seeing Baseball, Minimum Chips, No Zu with Nao Anzai and Gosteleradio.

We were introduced to little Zelda at the Marlows, where I got to hold and marvel at tiny newborn perfection. CUTE. Lazarus is feeling abit left out, though he is still pretty perfect too, for a dog.

Went to the launch of Un Magazine last night too, and have been reading snippets before bed. I urge thee to pick up a copy, I feel really lucky each time I do. Viva UN!

Anyway, it was a weird day today, with a horrific accident on the street, trams stopped, ambulances and police tape for most of the day. A reminder of the absolutely sickening sound of a collision and how random incidents can completely turn everything upside down. I hope everybody recovers.

This from my walk through the park after work, enjoying the last golden leaves as much as possible, now that winter has us for the next 4 months or so.

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